2017 Future Leaders Connect Program in U.K

2017 Future Leaders Connect Program in U.K


2017 Future Leaders Connect Program in U.K

Future Leaders Connect

At the British Council we are committed to developing future leaders. To prepare for the world ahead of us the next generation of leaders must be skilled, innovative and globally connected people, able to make and respond to change with effective policy making.

Future Leaders Connect offers its members the opportunity to be part of a long-term worldwide network of emerging policy leaders. You will have the chance to discuss some of the biggest global policy issues in the Houses of Parliament in London, develop your leadership skills, learn from inspirational policy leaders and make positive policy change in your country and beyond.


Why should you apply to become a member of the British Council’s Future Leaders Connect?

  • Become a member of a long-term network, connecting with other future leaders from across the world
  • Access to a nine day programme of leadership and policy skill development
  • Enhance your professional development
  • Opportunity to have your voice and ideas heard in the UK Houses of Parliament
  • Attend private meetings with some of the UK’s most senior leaders
  • Visit world famous leadership institutions
  • Learn from senior policy experts and campaigners
  • Access to future opportunities from the British Council

Each year we will recruit more members for Future Leaders Connect. In 2017 there are 50 spaces available. This year we will welcome applicants from the following countries; Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tunisia, and the UK.

More about the types of people we are looking for:

  • We are looking for people who can passionately articulate their vision for global change and explain the role of policy making in helping them to achieve this.
  • You should be willing to engage in this long-term opportunity with the British Council to become a member of Future Leaders Connect and be committed to the network.
  • You are likely to be in your early to mid-career, aged between 18 and 35 (on 14th May 2017) and already have examples of when you have demonstrated leadership.
  • You will need to live in one of our participating countries (Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tunisia, and the UK) and be eligible to access a visa to come to the UK.
  • We are looking for emerging leaders who are committed to support the development of their country through policy change, and so encourage those to apply who have good contextual knowledge and strong networks in the country they are based in.
  • We are looking to recruit a diverse group of people with different experiences, ideas and backgrounds.
  • Be able to speak English at IELTS level 6 or equivalent (this means you generally you have an effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings. You can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations).
  • You cannot be currently employed by the British Council or be an immediate family member of a British Council employee. (In this case immediate family member is defined as one’s spouse, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings and immediate in-laws (mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law). Adopted children and stepchildren are also counted as immediate family members.)

 Online application

Complete your online application by Sunday 14th May 2017, 23.59pm (GMT).

If you are applying from Morocco or Tunisia the applications will close for these countries on Sunday 30th April 2017, 23.59pm (GMT) and if shortlisted from one of these countries you must be able to attend an event on Wednesday 17th May 2017.

India and Egypt are taking part in the programme but not in the open call. Applications from these countries may have a different eligibility criteria and application process.

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ link below and complete your online application, this will take you approximately one hour. You cannot save the application once you start it, therefore we suggest that you allocate enough time to complete the application all at once, or you work on your application outside of the system and when you are happy with it submit it online. Your online application must be completed in English.

The main questions we will ask you as part of the applications are:

  • Please tell us about one significant success you achieved while demonstrating leadership. Please tell us in no more than 250 words.
  • Please tell us about one major global change you would like to see over the next 5 years. How will this impact your country? Please tell us in no more than 500 words.
  • How would you use policy making or influencing to achieve this change? Please tell us in no more than 500 words.
  • Please tell us how you might be able to cascade or share what you learn as part of this programme. What networks or groups might you share this with? Please tell us in no more than 250 words.

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Deadline: 14th May 2017

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