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Enter The School Enterprise Challenge 2017 – Up To $50,000 In Prizes


Deadline: April 28, 2017

Registration is now open for the 2017 School Enterprise Challenge. The School Enterprise Challenge, run by Teach A Man To Fish, is a global business start-up Awards Programme for schools around the world with up to $50,000 in prizes available for the most entrepreneurial schools, teachers and students. This free Awards Programme guides and supports teachers and students to plan and set up real, sustainable school businesses. Students get the chance to gain hands-on experience of running a real business and generate real profits to help support their school or a social cause of their choice.

Schools have set up an amazing variety of businesses. In 2016, 5265 schools from 106 countries registered to take part and the businesses participants set up ranged from fly fishing in Belize, to an inter-schools newspaper in India and a car wash in South Africa.


Each Award level is divided into three similar steps: Business Idea, Business Plan and Annual Report. Depending on your Award level your school will be doing each of these three steps to different levels of intensity.

  • STEP 1: Students think of a business idea for a school enterprise and submit it to us. (Do so within 4 weeks and they could win a prize!)
  • STEP 2: Students develop a business plan for a school enterprise. Submit it to us by 30th June 2017 and they will receive feedback on their plan and be entered into our prize draw!
  • STEP 3: Students launch and run a REAL school enterprise for at least 3 months, getting practical business experience and generating real income! Students then submit an Annual Report to us by 16th October 2017 updating us on their business. There are many prizes available at this stage for those that submit on time! Additionally, schools that complete all 3 steps and meet our minimum criteria will also earn an Award Level!

If for any reason your school is unable to meet the final deadline! Don’t worry! You can continue your school business and submit your documents in the next year’s Awards programme!

The School Enterprise Challenge Awards Programme is FREE to join and offers a wide range of learning benefits and award opportunities for both students and teachers. It is also an opportunity to generate extra income for your school! Check out some of the benefits below!

Prizes and Benefits

  • Receive an internationally recognized award: Bronze, Silver or Gold
  • Win prizes to one of the regional conferences and possibly up to $5,000 for your school
  • Inspirational Teachers prize of $2,000
  • Enterprising student prizes of cameras and laptops

This year, with the new Awards programme, every school will have the opportunity to earn their Award Level certificate. There is a total prize fund of $50,000 (USD) to give away to schools! Exact details of prize categories will be announced later in 2017.

During the year, the organizers provide extra opportunities for schools that participate in the School Enterprise Challenge. These include: –

  • A Mentoring programme for schools that want to receive support from a business mentor.
  • A School Partnership programme – connecting enterprising schools around the world to support each other, exchange learnings and experiences.
  • Global events and mini competitions – supporting the development of new skills and an opportunity for schools to be recognized on a global scale.


  • Open to schools everywhere in the world.
  • The School Enterprise Challenge Awards Programme is FREE to join and helps students plan and set up school-based enterprises that:
    • Generate real profits to help support their educational activities.
    • Give students the chance to gain hands-on experience of running a real business.
    • Are sustainable, and will grow and develop every year.

Application Process

For more information, visit School Enterprise Challenge.

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