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Fully Funded Scholarships at Hamburg University, Germany


International undergraduate students (i.e., students who are nationals of countries other than Germany) seeking a degree from Universität Hamburg and whose monthly income does not exceed €450 can apply for a degree completion grant.

The maximum level of the grant is €450 per month and it may be authorized for up to 12 months.

Funding period

The maximum funding period for students pursuing Diplom, Magister, Staatsexamen degrees is twelve months.

BA, BSc/MA, MSc degree students can apply for the grant to cover their degree exam period. Funding periods begin with registration for degree exams and end with the final exam. Thus, the maximum funding period for these degrees is six months.

The degree completion grant is not intended to fully finance the final phase of your studies. Rather, it should be considered as supplemental support on your path towards your degree.

Application Documents

Applications must be submitted complete and on time. Please start collecting your application documents early to be ready for uploading everything onto the application portal.

You must submit an evaluation from your supervising professor. Your supervisor must be a professor at Universität Hamburg. Evaluations from visiting, acting or retired professors are not accepted. Your evaluation must verify that you will complete your degree within the stated funding period. Please make sure that your supervisor also meets our deadline.

Proof and Documentation

After submitting your application online, you must submit two further items of proof:

  • the title of your residency status
  • copies of bank statements from all current/checking and savings accounts spanning the last three months together with documentation of any other financial assets

Please submit these documents in person to the program coordinator (Otília Dias) during her office hours.

Selection procudere and criteria

Who decides who will receive a degree completion grant?

Degree completion grants are awarded by a committee comprising teachers, students, and members of the University administration.

According to which criteria is the selection made?

Selection is based upon need.

When will I be notified?

After the application deadline has passed, the Department of International Affairs (administrator Otília Dias) requires roughly four weeks until it can upload the notifications of acceptance or rejection onto the application portal. If you would like to inform yourself about the current status of your application, please consult the notifications on the portal.

May students holding German and an additional nationality apply?

No. German national students holding dual nationality are excluded from the program.

May you apply before you have registered for the final examination with the examinations office?

Yes. You may apply even if you have not yet registered yourself for the final examination with your examinations office.

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Deadline: 1 January / 1 April / 1 July / 1 October


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