International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS)[Deadline : 14th March, 2017]

International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS),

International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS), 

Inaugurated in the academic year 2010/2011, International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS) is an English-language MSc and PhD Program at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo. Issue-oriented rather than methodology-oriented, this exciting international program offers its candidates the opportunity to develop the requisite expertise across discipline and country boundaries to tackle agricultural and environmental problems in developing countries around the world. Graduates will be well-equipped to make a difference in the modern, globalized industry of agriculture.

The academic year at IPADS begins in September each year. Typically, students in MSc complete the coursework component of the program in their first six months whilst designing and preparing for their original research, and then engage in full-time research. Throughout the program, students are actively involved in the School’s research community, participating in weekly seminars, thematic workshops and academic conferences. Credit points for the research component of the program (8 credits for International Master’s Research and 4 credits for IPADS Research Seminars) are awarded for these activities, which are designed to build a foundation to write a high-quality Master’s thesis. With the program coordinator’s prior approval, students can enroll in other subjects offered at the University in lieu of one or more of the above subjects.

To be admitted into IPADS, applicants must:

  • hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution (to enter MSc)
  • hold a Master’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution (to enter PhD)
  • have a very high level of English proficiency, as demonstrated by their TOEFL or IELTS score. While IPADS does not publish the official cut-off scores for English proficiency tests, we especially welcome applicants who meet the following criteria: TOEFL – 98 and above, IELTS – 7.0 and above. Exemptions from submitting the English test scores are given to applicants from a very limited number of countries only. The IAPDS Office reserves the right to request submission of a proof of English proficiency from all applicants, regardless of their nationalities and educational background.
  • possess an excellent academic record and sound plan for their Master’s/PhD research
  • have secured enough fund to support themselves and families for the duration of their stay (e.g. scholarships)
  • be in good health


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