Green Educator Course ‘Building Entrepreneurial Communities’ in Bali, Indonesia


Green Educator Course ‘Building Entrepreneurial Communities’ in Bali, Indonesia

Program Date: 4th September 2017
Venue: Green School Bali, Indonesia

In 2013, Green School Bali, Indonesia developed its first Green Educator Course (EC). These courses are 3-7 day experiences for those educators who are seeking to learn more about Green School’s holistic, student-centred, nature-based curriculum
•       Invite like-minded educators from around the world to learn with us and from us
•       Create an inspiring environment for attendees to collaborate with each other on unique projects, programmes, teaching strategies, and resources
•       Equip attendees with a new toolbox of innovative teaching strategies and resources
•       Engage a global network of educators who are committed to student-centred, holistic Education for Sustainability.
Each EC is unique in what it has to offer. Courses are facilitated by a range of GS members – including Teachers, Administration, Parents and Students. Past courses have included activities such as:
•       Interactive workshops – in and out of the classroom
•       Collaboration on concrete projects
•       Reflection/journaling
•       Singing, dancing, performing arts
•       Gardening, yoga, nature walks/hikes
•       And many other memorable experiential learning opportunities

Theme :  ‘Building Entrepreneurial Communities’

Focus of this course is experiential learning through the lens of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial and Enterprise education at Green School represents both a subject area and a methodology. Entrepreneurship is seen as an economic activity requiring conditions for business creation and growth.
At Green School the subject entrepreneurship is not only seen as a possibility of making money, but it is used as a possibility to start making (creating). In this course participants will learn about the methodology of entrepreneurial learning. The methodology is the transformative element. As a methodology the focus is on the human endeavour, requiring attention to the way that our attitudes are shaped, our skills developed, our networks formed. And so it is inseparable from education – not independent of it. The skills, habits, and attitudes of the entrepreneur are the same ones we ultimately want to help our students develop in all areas of their learning, and the only way to generate them is to allow room for them to develop.
During the course participants will design a green educational project and work on it in groups. They will visit our Leap Academy, learn about the methodology implementation, hands on learning and group dynamic games, mindfulness schoolwide, Project Based Learning (PBL) and hear about successful case studies.
Overview and Outcomes: ‘Building Entrepreneurial Communities’
Participants will have networking/sharing experiences, make new friendships and learn about the values necessary for Education for Sustainability to its decision-making structures.

•       Getting a better understanding of how learning from nature is a life long learning process
•       Learning about enterprise education as a methodology with a focus on:
•       Ownership of one’s own learning
•       Emergent learning
•       Learning by doing
•       Apprenticeship to advanced learners, doers, and collaborators
•       Learning together with ‘teachers’ (mentors)
•       Assisted accountability (accountability to oneself, with help)
•       Idea generation
•       Rapid prototyping
•       Creativity and innovation
•       Learning about Threads of Inquiry: Explore many aspects of the art and skill of questioning, generating our own questions and examining the potential of utilizing our inquiry to drive our own and students learning
•       Being able to use the ‘toolbox’ full of teaching and learning methods that motivate and empower learners how to take action for Sustainability

Participants will…
•       Explore and understand how Green School developed a holistic, student-centric, nature-based curriculum
•       Experience a range of creative skills needed for this type of education
•       Participate in a range of useful student-centric teaching strategies
•       Discover a variety of ways to infuse sustainability into the classroom


  •  International participants (1.269 USD)
  • Indonesia nationality/KTP holder (385 USD)
    *The cost includes meals, accomodations and any supporting materials during the program. Participants should be responsible for their airfare ticket

Official Link

Deadline: 28th August 2017


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